In March 2014, Arithmetic of Kindness was founded by Roman Ivanovich Avdeev, a well-known Russian businessman, father of 23 children, 17 of whom are adopted. For many years he provided financial assistance to orphanages, and then he realized that this does not make children happy and prepared for an independent life.

“Once I decided to talk with a pupil of the orphanage over tea. When I asked to bring me sugar, the girl looked in surprise and asked: “What is sugar?” This question shocked me. It turned out that sugar was added to tea cups every time. The children did not know that such a product existed. From such trifles, orphans develop a false idea of ​​how the world works.

After this incident, it became clear to me that installing high-quality windows in an orphanage alone would not help a child. I created the charitable foundation Arithmetic of Kindness. For me, registering a fund is a desire to take the next step in the development of our society, to unite caring people who are ready to change the system.”

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so that every child
brought up in a caring family
and institutions were not needed

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Dear friends!
Here is the Development Strategy of the Arithmetic of Good Foundation until 2024.
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Work on it was carried out for almost the entire 2020, and today its relevance has increased significantly. Since the usual order of things was destroyed by the pandemic, it is necessary to know your long-term reference point in order to make short-term decisions.

Not only the staff of the foundation, the founder, but also members of the temporary Expert Council worked on the content. Professionals from different fields helped us and set high goals and professional standards. For which many thanks to them!

The interests of the child and his well-being remain at the center of our work. We are still moving towards de-institutionalization, we advocate the abandonment of institutions and the development of all forms of support for family education of children. In order to work in this direction as efficiently as possible, we are planning important changes in the work of the fund and the emergence of a new development vector for the next 5 years:

—Develop a model for routing a child from family to family, bypassing the institution;

- Focus on creating practice and supporting professionally oriented foster families; with different specializations, including for short-term accommodation (an alternative to shelters).

—We are starting work to prevent orphan experience and support blood families in crisis situations.

An important component of the strategy was the model of the fund - an incubator of social solutions, which allows replicating practices throughout the country, supporting partners in the regions methodically and financially. The new model will allow us to scale our work in all regions of the country and help local teams grow professionally.

In our work, openness and transparency are important, which underlie the trust that I value very much. Therefore, we decided to publish on the website the development strategy of the Arithmetic of Good Foundation: so that as many supporters of our goals as possible can join and walk this path together.

We work to ensure that every child is brought up in a caring family (foster or birth) and institutions are not needed.

Are you with us?

With hope,
Nailya Novozhilova



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