12 мая 2020

‘I’m really lucky to have met the people who care about me’

Saphar is a good-hearted shy boy. He’s tall, calm and reasonable. But that scared 8 year-old, who was taken to a children’s shelter together with his brother and sister ten years ago, still inexplicably glimpses in him.

‘I remember the day we separated with our mom. We were removed from the home, all the three of us : the little ones were sent to a child care home, I was sent to an orphanage. I had never seen them again. From what I know, they had been adopted pretty soon. I hadn’t, great expectations never met.

After Saphar’s father abandoned the family with three children, the mother couldn’t cope with the situation without assistance. But there was no assistance, nor money, nor proper housing, nor strength to fight for her children. Saphar was in the 2nd grade when he was taken to an orphanage.

‘Sasha was the first friend who helped me to become involved in this environment. We went to school together, and I didn’t feel alone any longer. Adult people in an orphanage are completely different from adult people in the family.’

Saphar is the kind of person that whoever knows him wants to tell you about him. ‘He’s a helper, he’s got the talent, he’s genuine and honest.’ And then you meet Saphar, and you want to share what you’ve learned about him because he’s truly unique, so warm and thoughtful.

‘I started to attend the orphanage drama studio, this helped me feel more confident, not be afraid to speak in public, assert myself with people in positions of authority. Then I took up darts, and it has become my passion. Darts has taught me patience, for one thing.’

Saphar is a good student, his ambition is to become a dentist. He’s got online classes on the Chance program in four subjects : Russian, Biology and Chemistry.

‘I want to help people, to heal them, I want to have a dignified occupation with opportunities for growth. I’m really lucky to have met the people who care about my future and support me. I dared to go to high school, quite a rare decision for a fosterling, only because they believe in me. Whatever hardships stand in my way, I will overcome. Now I just can’t give up.’

Being part of a team is very important for Saphar, he’s a very good listener and shows empathy for others. In two years, this boy with a great smile will leave the orphanage for a new, adult life in which his only next of kin are his orphanage educators and the ABC of Good team.

‘I would like to see my brother and sister again, at least in a picture, I do hope they’re doing fine, and their adoptive parents love them.’

If you happen to recognise Sapharjon’s siblings in your children, please tell them they’ve got a big brother, an absolutely awesome one!

By supporting Saphar in his pursuit to get higher education you help his dream come true. Your support can secure his brighter and stable future.

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