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In charity, the responsibility of each person is important. That is why people who talk about helping children not on behalf of the organization, but from their own souls are so significant.

A friend of the foundation is a person who raises funds for the education of orphans.

How to become a friend of the foundation:

  1. Write about your desire to become a friend of the fund to the email address a.milto@a-dobra.ru
  2. After the fund's friend's page is created on the site, share it with your friends, infecting them with the desire to change the world for the better!

This is important, because it is you, friend, who shows by your example that changes occur when an ordinary person decides to change something. You can influence the life of a boy or girl from an orphanage so that in the future the world will get a good architect or doctor. It is you who launch this impulse of goodness, which spreads further and further!

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How to raise funds

Do you want to support a charitable foundation and raise funds, but don't know how? Here you will find inspiration to start fundraising for Good Arithmetic. Whether it's big or small events, you can find something for everyone! Just remember that often simple ideas are the key to your success.

Fundraising life hacks

  • Tell about your action on social networks. From time to time, write about what you are running for, thank everyone who supports you and remind you where and how others can do it.
  • Run in a branded T-shirt. This is how you will be noticed. Others will be able to learn more about you and your act.
  • Seek support from family and friends. Your family and your friends are the first people who can support financially and morally, repost on social networks and thus help you to convey information to more people.
  • Take an interest in the problem the foundation is helping to solve. For example, it becomes a discovery for many that there are children in orphanages with living parents and that 80% of orphans are teenagers. Everyone knows about orphans, but few people think about the scale of the problem and that a child at the age of 15 is not yet an adult, but also a child who needs support.
  • Participate in official races, not just run. At the starts, there is an opportunity to meet other runners, tell about yourself, make new friends.
  • Clearly indicate the algorithm of actions for a person, how and where he can support you, how to help in the collection. Don't forget to ask for money, follow the link in your profile and send, for example, 100 rubles from your bank card.
  • Use or build on your sales experience. The ability to sell a product and an idea is the ability to answer any question of a person, even the most provocative one. People want to know everything, including about charity.
  • Keep in touch with the fund you're running for. This helps promote your action.

For all questions and suggestions, write to the «friend of all friends»

Sasha Milto

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