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In a family a child finds supports that help him throughout his life. The absence of even one of these supports can lead to future adversity.
Orphans often lack all of these supports.
Family life
Parents create a solid foundation for child’s independent life
Lack of family leads to sense of loneliness and uncertainty, psychological trauma and fear for the future
«Family» program helps children to find parents: we search and train prospective foster parents, support families during adjustment period and crises
Primary caregiver
Every child needs to have a trustworthy adult, whom he can rely on
Children from orphanages do not have a permanent primary caregiver, whom they can rely on
«Mentors» program seeks and trains prospective mentors for orphans as well as supports mentors couples during the whole period of interaction
Education and career
Education is one of the main social elevators leading to well-being in adulthood
School education is often not enough for orphans to fill the knowledge gaps arising during periods of adversity
«CHANCE» program prepares orphans for exams and admission to universities and technical schools by online lessons with tutors as well as helps to choose a career path
Societal attitude
Social connections are essential for independent living
Myths about orphanhood and societal prejudice affect orphans’ and orphanage graduates’ lives
«Awareness» program changes societal attitude to the problem of orphanhood and foster families by spreading information about the importance of fostering and proper care of children
Legislation guarantees respect for the essential rights and freedoms
Child protection laws often fail to address the real needs of orphans, because they are created by people fall short of orphanhood
GR program is working on qualitative changes in orphanhood situation at the legislative and societal levels

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