11 августа 2020

«Appreciate the things you have – this is my motto».

Alina is 15 years old; she lives in the orphanage in Shuya, Ivanovo region. Five years ago, Alina’s mother sent her and her two younger brothers to the shelter. She was seriously ill, and there was no one to help. Mom passed away a year ago.

Alina has a radiant personality and is very kind.

«Everything goes according to the plan», she keeps saying. She has a lot of plans. To finish the 9 th grade, to pass the exams well and go to the 10 th grade, then enter a law school — the one in Moscow.

«Other guys from the orphanage told me about the Arifmetika Dobra Foundation and the Chance program; they admired them so much that I also decided to sign up. In general, if I see an opportunity, I snatch at it».

Alina spent a year studying online with tutors in English, Russian, History, and Social Studies. She almost never misses her classes and has achieved good results – not a single C grade, straight As for all the tests. For a child who studied at the secondary school living in the orphanage, this is a great achievement.

«Our tutors are like mothers for us; they have compassion with us; they give us everything. I am very grateful to them. Our groups are divided into so-called “families” that consist of 8 people. We go to camps, help each other. We live together. Although there are guys who don’t need it».

Alina is the only child who gives an answer immediately when she is asked about her dream.

«My big dream is to study and have a good family. And also a house. And someone who loves me».

Alina has an older sister; she is 21 years old. If everything goes well, she will be able to take custody of Alina and the boys. Now children visit her for weekends and vacations. «My sister has two dogs, Cane Corsos, such as beautiful, cool creatures». When Alina is talking about home, her eyes are shining; she becomes calm and very happy. Then she laughs and says, «That will be a loss for the orphanage when I leave. I take part in competitions and go in for sports, do my homework and help with everything. Where else can they find someone like me?»

We work to make such «losses» in orphanages a regular thing. Join us; you just need to make a monthly donation on our website.

*All raised funds will be used to pay for the lessons for Alina and other children from her orphanage.

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